Amara Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Donations By HACO Industries During COVID-19 in Kenya

Sanitizers are crucial germ-kill products that enable one to sanitize hands when they are on the go with no need for water.  Our journey in the making of the sanitizer began in 2019 with an inspiration to develop a hand sanitizer range that is highly effective, value for money and readily available.  After several consumer tests to check viscosity, efficacy and smell, Amara Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer was born. In keeping with HACO standards on quality, the sanitizer was presented to KEBS in November 2019 and tested for quality assurance and later confirmed to meet the required standards.

The Amara Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based sanitizer containing Ethanol which has a broad spectrum anti-microbial activity thus effective on bacteria, viruses & fungi. It is also enriched with Aloe Vera and Glycerin to leave your hands moisturized. It comes in 2 variants of Lemon Musk and Watercress so that consumers have a choice in selection of their preferred variant. The Amara Hand Sanitizer is already available for purchase by all Kenyans at all leading supermarkets and through our distributors & wholesalers.

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, HACO Industries is partnering with the below partners to donate  1,680 cartons of sanitizer.

  • County governments – Starting with County governments of Mombasa and County government of Kitui.
  • Homes for children and the aged directly and through partnerships with our regional distributors
  • Hospitals in the counties highly impacted with cases of COVID-19
  • Police posts – Starting with Kasarani & Loresho police posts.

As HACO Industries we are committed to playing our part towards combating the Coronavirus spread in Kenya and to this end we have also launched Amara Antibacterial Handwash Liquid and ACE Surface Disinfectant to ensure that we provide a holistic solution for homes and institutions , keeping them disinfected and safe.

For any enquiries please reach us on info@haco.coke or via our Amara social media handles on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

About HACO Industries:

HACO is a leading FMCG company supplying a wide range of products in the Personal, Home & Hair Care Categories. to the East African and COMESA markets.  We are the “Home of Quality” and we provide our consumers with quality products for their everyday use.  Our brands include Amara, ACE, MIADI,ASHANTI-Q and So Soft.

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