“2019 marks my first year at the helm of HACO Industries and I am extremely excited at leading the organization in every living of our mission ‘’To create and provide quality personal care and home care products that meet the needs of consumers and enhances their everyday life.

Following the change of HACO’s business structure at the end of 2018, the next 2-3 years will be a period of transformation with clear strategic focus on the Personal & Home Care categories with our brands AMARA, MIADI, SO SOFT, ACE, SPARKLE and HACO PLASTICS (Rulers & Pegs).  Innovation, manufacturing & distribution of high-quality products remain at the core of the business and are anchored by our engagement and connection with consumers at every opportune moment.

We are intent on building a sustainability driven business model and to this end HACO Industries is actively sourcing raw materials locally especially natural oils and ingredients for our Hair & Personal Care brands. We are looking to partner with local communities to foster long term relationships towards building a vibrant value chain that spurs economic growth.

At the Home of Quality, our brand promise is that each product developed and delivered to the consumers offers superior performance at an affordable price. Our commitment to our consumers is that we shall strive to meet their needs by continuously and agilely innovating.

Distribution and route to market access is one of the key pillars that has propelled HACO Industries to the leading FMCG company it is today, and we thank our partners who have worked with us over the last 45 years. As the product portfolio grows and we diversify into new territories and markets, we continue to actively seek mutually beneficial and lasting partnerships to ensure that our products are availed at the nearest outlets to our consumers.

It is my belief that together we shall realize the ambitions we have set out to conquer and I look forward to sprinting this race with you.”

Mary-Ann Musangi