HACO Industries Ltd is committed to manufacture quality products and build reputable brands that Add Value to Life and drive Consumer preference. We are passionate about understanding our Consumers needs and fulfilling their expectations. The Management is committed to ensuring that only products that meet defined Standards of Quality and Safety are availed to our Consumers. In pursuit of this, we shall invest in the highest Quality and Safety Standards.

To achieve this corporate key objective, Haco Industries ltd has implemented a comprehensively designed Quality

Management System, which incorporates World class Standards and Best practices such as Good Manufacturing Practices ISO 22716, Quality Assurance procedures, Operational Efficiency Standards, and necessary National regulatory requirements such as the Kenya Standard Specifications on Product Quality.

The company shall embrace all necessary steps to enable the operation of a sustained and effective Quality Management System which comprises of the following:

  1. Clearly defined and communicated Quality Policy Statement
  2. Dedicated and operationally independent Quality Assurance Function
  3. Qualified and Experienced personnel in relevant functions and departments for an integrated Quality Management System
  4. Appropriate premises, equipment and facilities for the efficient transformation of inputs into quality outputs
  5. Efficient and aligned management infrastructure and resource.
  6. Focus on Customer care through identification of Consumer needs, fulfilling consumer expectations and utilizing effective communication channels to educate Customers about our products and listen to. their views and perceptions.

Due to the ever-changing business trends on aspects such as Science & Technology, Customer needs and preferences, the Management will proactively Review and Continuously improve its Quality Management System, innovate, upgrade its premises, equipment and facility.

We are committed to the Development of our people and helping them thrive with the necessary skills and tools essential for a sustained delivery of Quality and affordable products to our Customers.

The Management is committed to building a culture of Total Quality Ownership and making Quality a responsibility of everyone involved in the broad field of sourcing, Manufacturing Operations, Marketing, Sales and Distribution. Consequently, the responsibility, commitment and objective is shared among all members of staff, from senior management to staff in different roles and levels. Consumers are our business.

Everyone involved in the entire physical supply chain, transformation process and customer service must be fully dedicated towards delivering quality products and services for the ultimate benefit of the consumer.