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(Hadithi Yetu)
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HACO Industries was founded in 1974 by a renowned visionary and one of the first African industrialists in Kenya, Dr. Chris Kirubi. The company is anchored on the belief that products made in Africa for African people, should complement, and enhance African dignity. That creations of Africa should be as regal, and diverse as the people. At the end of his life, he passed this baton to his daughter Mary-Ann Musangi who has since magnified this vision into a beacon for green manufacturing in Africa. Since taking on the leadership of HACO, Mary-Ann has been intentional in uplifting the marginalized and vulnerable communities in Kenya through her business. She does this by absorbing micro-enterprises and agri-businesses into HACO’s value chain, making space for them to grow through decent work opportunities.

Our Sustainability Priorities

Bettering the lives of small-scale farmers as we care for our people and environment

Haco's Sustainability Story