HACO Rulers

A strong, durable and long-lasting ruler that is among the rulers recommended by multiple schools

Has a superior grade material that gives clarity/a good quality end product

The scaling is engraved scaling that is a clear indication of a good quality ruler compared to most rulers that are scale printed

SKU’S: 15 cm & 30 cm

Colours :

15 cm ruler : Clear

30 cm Ruler: Blue, Green, yellow, Tinted & Clear

30cm glider ruler-Clear & tinted


Plastic pegs are one of the latest HACO products. Most plastic pegs will have a aluminum core that is pressed inside a nylon based outer sleeve. This peg is designed to increase durability and resist wear.

Our plastic clothes pegs are an ideal solution to hang clothes outside. A galvanized wire spring ensures that the clothes pegs are adequately tight. Clothes pegs are also great for crafts.