For softer, fresh & more comfortable clothes

Softer clothes are less harsh and scratchy on your skin especially if you have a sensitive skin. So Soft Fabric Softener & Conditioner keeps your clothes looking newer for longer. The fabric conditioner lightly conditions each of the fibers, helping them to remain smooth and retain their natural elasticity.

So Soft product range

So Soft Fabric Softener & Conditioner has the following fragrances and beautiful scents to choose from

So Soft Fresh

So Soft Pure Care

So Soft Vanilla

So Soft Luxury

So Soft Baby

So Soft Tender

Where can I buy So Soft?

You can buy So Soft products ( body lotion, petroleum jelly & glycerin ) at the following locations and all major retailers countrywide

Buy So Soft products online

You can buy So Soft product range online and get it delivered to you