Palmer’s® – A Body And Soul Balm

Is your skin in need of some love?

Do you wonder how it would feel like to have flawless skin? You probably followed a few influencers to find out what products they use then realized how way over-budget they are. Maybe you just don’t have the time or energy to follow through.

That’s me. I never had great skin. I told myself that I had no time for such regimens and makeup was always there to save the day. Only recently have I come to realize that how my skin feels matters so much more than how it looks.

Hydrotherapy has always been my go-to remedy after a gruelling day. I was one of those girls who only oiled the parts of my skin that weren’t covered by clothes (am I alone in this?). I also didn’t like the thick layer that came with petroleum jellies or the incessant spreading of lotion until it’s all absorbed (and still feeling dry after all that).

They say you can’t fix what’s not broken. In my case, didn’t even know that something was broken.I never thought about the future or how my skin would look like at the rate I was going.

Everything changed the day my aunt gifted me Palmer’s cocoa butter formula cream and moisturising body oil. I began to understood women’s obsession with lotion.I felt like I was loving my skin for the first time. Even better- my hydrotherapy routine had found the perfect companion. Nothing beats a hot shower and Palmers after a long day.  Applying oil and taking care of my skin is no longer a troublesome task. Looking presentable has become painless. Those Palmer’s products have become my therapy and I’ve never looked back.

Like most people, I was looking for something that had a subtle scent, was quick and easy to apply, budget-friendly and completely dissolved into the skin. Our skin goes through all kinds of chaos from the scorching sun, clogged pores, dust, extreme strain to pregnancy, stretching, scaling. It’s a dangerous world out there for our skin.

What I love about Palmers is they actually deliver promises in the ads- healing and softening skin, treating scars and skin irritations.I’ve had experience with both the cocoa butter formula which is creamy and the body moisturising oil which is liquid. The cocoa buttercream is thick with an amazing scent that pampers the skin. I like to apply it at night because I wake up feeling extra soft and silky.

A friend of mine marvelled at the fact that I use such an ‘expensive’ product. That’s when it hit me that I didn’t even know the cost. I found out that 100g of Palmer’s cocoa butter formula costs Kshs 1200 (12$) on Jumia. I’ve used mine for almost three months and still only halfway through so I’m not worried. When the time comes, I will be prepared. I know that the benefits far outweigh the cost. It’s dope. My mum (54-years-old) uses it too and her skin has shown tremendous change thanks to Palmer’s anti-wrinkle healing properties. My sister uses it but doesn’t like how oily it is (which is perfect for normal and dry skin). The trick is to use sparingly because a little goes a long way with this oil. I did some research: Cocoa is high in antioxidants, which protects the body from disorders like premature ageing. That’s why it’s so good with wrinkles.

Plus chocolate is made from cacao, and who doesn’t want to smell like chocolates?

Overall, I’m happy that Palmer’s has delivered on its promise of healing properties, smoothening effect and soothing scent. I cannot comment on the stretch marks; so far I’m just enjoying showing up for my skin every day. There must be some endorphins released through grooming because I love this feeling. Your skin matters so much and so do you.