MIADI is a range of natural hair care products from Haco Industries that provides all round solutions for hair care consumers at different levels and is specially tailored for African hair.

The name MIADI is a Swahili word that translates to ‘the promise’ in English. What MIADI promises is an effective, naturally inspired and all proud hair care experience. Users are therefore assured of a versatile product and guaranteed performance, whether it is for cleansing, conditioning, nourishing, or styling hair.

Relaxers & Pomades

MIADI Bergamot Oil Pomade

MIADI Regular Relaxer

MIADI Super Relaxer

MIADI Blowout Relaxer

Shampoo & Conditioner

MIADI Fruity Shampoo

MIADI Neutralizing Shampoo

MIADI Hair Conditioner

MIADI Egg Shampoo

Hair Treatment

MIADI Moisture Plus Treatment

MIADI Hair Food

MIADI Protein Treatment

MIADI Cholestral Treatment

MIADI Leave in Treatment

Where can I buy MIADI products?

You can find MIADI products at the following locations and all major retailers countrywide

Buy MIADI online

Become a MIADI products retailer?

To become a MIADI products retailer in Kenya, please reach out to any of our distributors or fill on the form found on the contact us page. You will be contacted within two working days.