How To Keep Your Toilet Bowl Clean

Regular cleaning of the toilet is nobody’s favorite chore but one that is very important. You can find all sorts of germs, odors, and bacteria in your toilet bowl, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Dedicating some time every day to give it a quick scrub with ACE liquid Toilet Cleaner ensures no build-up of these harmful germs and bad odors

Here are five easy steps to ensure your porcelain throne is clean for the royalty that is you and your family:

  • Flush the toilet before cleaning
  • Open the cap  by pressing the pads, twist anticlockwise
  • Gently squeeze the liquid under the rim and inner side of the toilet bowl
  • Leave for at least 20 minutes then scrub the entire bowl thoroughly
  • Flush the toilet for a fresh , sparkling clean fresh

As your toilet gets regular use from every member of the family why not drop an ACE in- cistern toilet block at the opposite end of the water inlets, for additional cleanliness. These blocks are designed to prevent lime limescale and keep your toilet clean and fresh with every flush

We recommend replacing with a new ACE block as soon as the colour starts to fade. Each block is expected to last up to 4 weeks

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