ACE Multipurpose Cleaner

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About This Product

All surface cleaner that;

  • Kills germs and bacteria
  • Degreases and cleans your surfaces and floors
  • Kills and prevents the growth of mold and mildew
  • Disinfects

SKU: 500ml, 5L, 20L

Why ACE  Multi-purpose Cleaner?
  • It is an all-purpose cleaner(An all-round product for general housekeeping cars, utensils, floors, surfaces).
  • Highly concentrated with multiple active ingredients and foam boasters for cleaning, removing grease and disinfecting.
  • Extra thick & high foaming to serves you longer. A little goes a long way
  • Suitable for hard or soft water.
  • Has ingredients that make the formulation gentle on your hands and suitable for all washable surfaces.
  • Removes grease, fats & oils.
  • Has a natural, pleasant, refreshing woody Fragrance/smell.
Directions for use
  • General cleaning: Use diluted by adding 60ml to 1litre of water and use to wipe surfaces
  • Disinfecting: Use diluted by adding ¼ cup to 1litre of water, leave it on the surface for about 10 minutes then wipe with a damp cloth
  • For Heavily soiled surfaces: Apply undiluted with a wet cloth or sponge to remove the heavy stains from the surface then wipe with a clean damp cloth
  • The above is for the bigger SKU’s 5l & 20l

Directions for use for 500ML: Twist nozzle in front of the trigger cap to SPRAY or STREAM. After use, remember to twist the nozzle to STOP for locking.

General Cleaning: Keep the bottle approximately 30cm away and spray on the surface. Leave for 1-2 minutes. Wipe with a clean damp cloth. Rinse surface after application using clean water.

Heavily Soiled Surfaces

Spray directly on the surface and scrub. Rinse with clean water. Repeat treatment if necessary.

Precautions:Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. For prolonged use on sensitive skin, wear gloves.

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