ACE In-cistern Toilet Blocks

You make me feel brand new

About This Product

ACE toilet blocks is available in three unique fragrances that leave your toilet smelling extra fresh.

Available in three variants; Lavender fresh, Citrus fresh & Ocean fresh.

Available in single, twin & triplet packs.

Directions for use

No need to remove the wrapper as this will dissolve in the water. Drop the block into the cistern at the opposite end of the water inlet. Allow 10 minutes for the block to settle before flushing. For best results, clean the toilet thoroughly to remove limescale deposits.

Replace with a new ACE block as soon as the colour starts to fade. Each block is expected to last upto 4 weeks

Why ACE  Tiolet Blocks?

NEW ACE in-cistern toilet blocks with Acti-clean concentrated cleaning action designed to prevent lime limescale and keep your toilet clean and fresh with every flush

Where can I buy ACE?

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